Information on New Movies 2012

Every year hollywood gives us something new to look forward for in the world of cinema and this year is almost half way over so it’s time to start looking toward to the new movies 2012 has to release for us. With every year almost having a theme for what kind of movies will be released it’s fair to tell you that super heros will be the main theme of the upcoming year.

To kick off the new movies 2012 has to offer, the ghost rider series will add it’s next chapter to the plot in ghost rider 2 spirit of vengeance. The movie will begin with Nicholas Cage (johny rocket aka night rider) in the desert trying to contain his curse that he carries in his body from the public. During his containment in the desert he recruited by a sect to protect the devils son from his father who intends to overtake the boys body on his birthday.

The next great movie series that everybody has come to know and love it the spider man series where we will be following the epic life of Peter Parker who still carries his secret identity of being spider man as he goes back to high school. Another chronicle that will be taking it’s next step into another chapter of it’s storyline clash of then titans. In this chapter of the series Zues was captured by the titans during a battle. In result his Demi-god son Perseus had to go to the underworld and convince the evils of the world to team up with the earthly gods to fight side by side to save Zues.

Speaking of additions to epic story lines the much anticipated movie the avengers will be one of the new movies 2012 has to offer. The avengers will be a combination of many of the marvel characters that we have all come to know such as the incredible hulk, iron man, captain America, Thor and many other heroes. The heroes will team together to fight against an extremely powerful opponent which none of them could face alone. The opponent that they will be facing has not been verified has not been specifically labeled yet but there are rumors that either the hulk will become a villain himself. If it isn’t the hulk then there is strong belief that Thor’s half brother Loki will be the enemy that the team of super heroes will be facing in combat. One of the last new movies 2012 will release is the continuation of GI Joe, Cobra strikes. In this episode the super villain Cobra breaks out of his prison that the joes locked him in to find retribution for destroying everything that he had worked for.

In conclusion if your a movie junkie and love super heroes the new movies 2012 will be releasing may be some of the best movies that you have ever seen. So look out because 2012 will be an epic year for your own entertainment.